Who is mayor antonio villaraigosa dating


Hey, Eva may not be dating the mayor, but she's still one smokin' hot Democrat!


The Web site said witnesses said they “did not hold hands or kiss, but appeared very chummy.

First, a governor is in charge of a state (Massachusetts).

It's a mayor that is in charge of the city-- in this case the city of Boston. He was Mayor from January 1, 1978 through December 31, 1989.

The alarm was from media ethicists and others who think Villaraigosa and Parker should have learned a lesson from the mayor’s earlier entanglement with a pretty, brunet, much-younger television journalist.

In the 2007 mini-scandal, Villaraigosa wound up with unflattering publicity and Salinas ended up quitting NBC-Telemundo after the station punished her for breach of common conflict-of-interest guidelines by suspending her for two months and transferring her to its Riverside bureau.

But the petite brunette beauty has set the record straight with pal and She also took to Twitter to reveal the twosome have never been an item: "Wow, Star mag gets it wrong yet again," the 37-year-old star wrote.



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