Who is cm punk dating 2016

I'd like to see him sign so we can get more figures, shirts, etc. I’d be shocked if he even goes into the HOF, which sucks given he was my favorite while he was there. The company that fired him on his wedding day and allegedly bankrolled a frivolous defamation lawsuit against him.

I think he just wants distance himself from them as much as possible.

Like someone else mentioned, he saved his money well, so i don't think he cares all too much about making more, especially after what he was paid for his 2 fights in UFC.

Plus, if he did sign a merch deal and got figures, shirts, a 'Self-Destruction of CM Punk' DVD among other things, it'd only drive more speculation and rumours about him returning, which would probably annoy him more than what he already gets.

It'd be nice if he were under a deal, we'd probably have an Ultimate Edition Punk on the way, a bunch of Flashback Punks etc... Attire also works for older Punk so a 2nd head can be with long hair and a matching 2nd shirt.

Though it was the deciding point for him to leave, i really want an Elite Rumble 2014 Punk with the White designs and messy short hair. I know it’ll never happen but UE Punk would be cool. Extra hands could be open hands, black X’s instead of red, or “clobbering time”.

Welcome to the official site of actor, author, MMA fighter and former pro-wrestler CM Punk.

This site will provide you with all the latest updates on CM Punk, including news, photos and videos.


He did wear the yellow and black during both periods but he'd have to have a shirt on if you wanted to go with Jesus Punk and have it be accurate.We await more details on this story but it would appear to be a significant one for the future of both CM Punk and AJ Lee in the wrestling industry.



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