Who is antonio banderas dating

He is definitely one of the best and versatile actors out there; from The Mask of Zorro to Spy Kids, he brought his A-game 100 percent.

There is no way we could delve into the topic Antonio Banderas wife, girlfriend, daughter, dead and his height without checking out some interesting facts about the star himself.

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It seems as if Antonio Banderas has moved on from soon-to-be ex-wife Melanie Griffith.

On Monday, the 54-year-old hunky Spanish actor was spotted arriving to the 10th annual Malagueños de Hoy Awards in Spain with his girlfriend Nicole Kimpel.

Wearing a blue blouse, hip-hugging pencil skirt and sky-high pumps, Kimpel (who is 20 years Banderas’ junior) kept her hand on his arm as they attended the event.


The first lady to bear the title Antonio Banderas wife was Ana Leza and they were married from 1987-1996.

Ana has since moved on and is married to Dharma Villareal.



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