What kind of dating games do girls play

You must know when he is playing a mind game with you, so that you can act wisely and refrain from taking any drastic step which will ruin your relationship.

This is exactly what whirlwind romances are made of-emotional manipulation.

You wait for his call or message, but it is as if he has vanished into thin air.

You see that he is active on Facebook, but still not replying to your messages.

They tend to exploit the emotional nature of women and use it for their own advantage.

How you react to your partner's mind games helps him decide the future of your relationship.

He breaks your heart and walks away, only to appear after a few days and apologize for his behavior.


Then this may be a sign that he is playing the 'finding fault' mind game with you.Even then, he will continue to compare your looks, figure, fitness, style, etc., with that other woman.



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