Validating multiple


Apply data validation to multiple worksheets at once In your daily work, to combine multiple worksheets, workbooks and csv files into one single worksheet or workbook may be a huge and headachy work.

But, if you have Kutools for Excel, with its powerful utility – Combine, you can quickly combine multiple worksheets, workbooks or csv files into one worksheet or workbook.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(By Val Target As Range) ' Developed by Contextures Inc. In Excel 2007, where there is no Search box, use the Text Filters command.

' runs on protected sheet Dim old Val As String Dim new Val As String Dim str Sep As String Dim str Type As Long 'add comma and space between items str Sep = ", " If Target. Then, click the Contains command, to open the Custom Auto Filter box, and enter the text you want to filter.


The control also works well when bound to a data source.Apply multiple data validation in one cell (Example 1) Apply multiple data validation in one cell (Example 2) Apply multiple data validation in one cell (Example 3) For example, I want to setup data validation to cells with these criteria: if a number entered, it must be less than 100, if text is entered, it must be in the list from D2 to D7 as following screenshot shown: 1.


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