Validating identity wifi


The following procedure that describes how to open the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) on your domain controller.

The procedure then describes how to either open an existing domain-level Group Policy object (GPO) for editing, or create a new domain GPO and open it for editing.

This policy enables you to configure security and authentication settings, manage wireless profiles, and specify permissions for wireless networks that are not configured as preferred networks.

In the next section you can order the policy profiles for optimum security.

For specific details, see your wireless AP documentation.

Tip Record the shared secret for each wireless AP and store it in a secure location, such as an office safe.

The item names can vary by brand and model and might be different from those in the following list.

Leonid Levin, deputy chairman of Russia's State Duma lower chamber, said the laws would require citizens to provide their mobile phone numbers to receive log in details for all public wireless networks. "The identification process will consist of getting a password for wifi access by providing your mobile phone number.

Since providing a passport is required to buy a SIM-card in Russia, there will be no need to show your passport." Further details were known including how long user log in data was required to be kept or what impact the law would have on unsecured internet access points such as the Open Wireless initiative promoted by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Some Russian pollies attempted to hose down the impact of the law issuing contradictory statements that public wifi operators would be required to sign up users by validating identity documents.

The confusion was par for the course for Russian internet laws of late.

Later you can create individual network policies in NPS to apply different conditions and contstraints to each group, providing them with different access permissions and connectivity rules.


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