Updating urpmi database outlook mailbox size not updating

It is similar to urpmi, but has a stripped-down set of features.It's intended to be used by users without root privileges, but with sudo rights on it, preventing any abuse of this tool to compromise the system.(or several of those at once.) For example, to find all packages that begin with "apache-": will give the list of all RPMs that require the specified package.See the urpmq(8) manpage for the list of all options.It will refuse to uninstall "important" packages (that is, the ones that are part of the base system.) See the urpme(8) manpage for the reference of all options urpme supports.urpme will detect packages that are no longer used: for example, libraries that no application requires.Thus, before using them, from time to time, you should instruct urpmi that their contents might have changed. You can either update all media: The easiest way to create your own media is to let urpmi.addmedia do it.

To use it, follow those steps: urpmi has a "restricted" counterpart: rurpmi.It will then generate the hdlist and synthesis files and all other files needed for proper repository operation.For further information, see the gendistrib(1) manpage.urpmf is a grep-like tool for the urpmi database (the database of all RPMs in the media).

By default, it will search through the file names contained in packages, but a variety of options allows to search through package names, provides, requires, RPM descriptions, etc.

To remove them, use urpme --auto-orphans urpmi is usable only when you have defined some media.



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