Updating to 1 1 3 om a jailbroken iphone Adult bi dating canada

Therefore, it’s important to proceed carefully with the tweaks you’d like to install on your device.


Everything is mainly done now including tweak injection except for a bug which breaks certain apps and causes stability issues.

Keep doing it until you can remove the tweak successfully.

Step 8: Once all the faulty tweaks and packages have been removed, reboot your device and re-jailbreak using the Pangu app.

The trick to fixing the reboot loop is to put your device into a non-jailbroken state first and then boot into ‘No Substrate Mode’.


This disables all Cydia Substrate tweaks allowing you to uninstall them safely from your device and fix the boot loop issue.Step 6: After your device reboots, it should be in No Substrate Mode. Step 7: Find the tweaks that are causing reboot loop and uninstall them from your device.



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