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To successfully eject your e Reader: Please close the Kobo desktop software, then connect your Kobo to your computer, wait few minutes, while still plugged in turn over and press the reset pin on back till hear click, wait several more minutes for the Kobo to restart...If still have an issue, disconnect and make sure to complete the outlined steps above to remove and reinstall the desktop software, open and enter log into you Kobobooks.com, then connect your Kobo to sync the ereader to your account as well.To do a factory reset: There are two ways you can sync; using Wi Fi, or by connecting your e Reader to Kobo Desktop on your computer.If you sync using Kobo Desktop, please be sure to follow the steps for Ejecting and unplugging your e Reader.What was interesting was when booted into safe mode, it booted just like it normally did before the slowness.The last options I have is to reinstall the Ethernet driver but I am not entirely sure if its worth the time to do so.We also tried connecting the ethernet back in when the log on screen came up.After logging in, we got stuck at the please wait after logging in.


Sync your Kobo e Reader Touch using Wi Fi For more information about using Wi Fi, or to troubleshoot a problem, see Using Wi Fi.After you've reinstalled Kobo Desktop you can complete setup for your Kobo Touch, perform a sync, and start reading again.To reinstall Kobo Desktop: For Windows Still not working?In many cases, this is enough to restore your e Reader to normal.


To do a basic reset: How to reinstall Kobo Desktop Reinstalling Kobo Desktop only takes a few minutes.(Mac users, click here.) Note: During the update process your e Reader may have run out of battery and you may need to charge it before resolving upgrade issues.



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