Updating punkbuster call duty 2

Hi guys, Well, here is a common situation by now, it started a few months ago: - A player installs Call of Duty 2 and updates it to v1.3; - The player tries to install PB to play multiplayer; - The player downloads PBSetup and installs PB, but Call of Duty 2 is no longer in the game list, so there is no way to get the PB updates; - The player keeps getting kicked from servers because PB is not up to date. Worked for me and all my friends who had this problem.I decided to post here and host it at my site so we now have an easy way to get it whenever needed.Am Montag wurde der Punk Buster-Client auf Version 2.234 geupdated.Das Update wird automatisch heruntergeladen, alternativ kann es jedoch auch manuell von der Punk Buster-Seite heruntergeladen werden.Below are displayed sample screenshots and instructions for using PBSetup.Click the "Add a Game" button to bring up the game selection screen. In most cases, PBSetup will then auto-detect the path to the appropriate PB folder.All missing files will be created from the existing ones.

page=dl-cod2PBSetup is the easiest method of manually updating Punk Buster for most users (players and admins). Ti, kdo by mohli mít tento problém, budou vědět jak. Kontrolní součty výchozích IWD souborů (iw_00- iw_15.iwd, localized_english_iw00- localized_english_iw11.iwd) nesouhlasí, přeinstalujte hru a znovu použijte patch 1.3.



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