Updating optical drive in imac

The optical drive is also removed for added space savings.The new i Macs will come in both 21.5″ and 27″ versions…As October 23 approaches, the word on the street is that Apple alongside the i Pad mini will unveil a redesigned i Mac with a curved shell “like a water droplet”, updated Mac minis a new 13-inch Mac Book Pro notebook featuring the Retina display.The new i Mac use a new build process called fricton stir welding, where the actual molecules of the aluminum are merged together to make a single piece.


The question is, will other makers follow suit and remove rotating medias from their products?Considering this, my primary editing machine was getting a bit long in the tooth; I needed something to pep it up to keep up with the demand of video tutorials and walkthroughs. But I wasn’t planning on going to Apple or buying a whole new i Mac just for an SSD. It wasn’t easy, and at times it was downright frustrating. To celebrate, I’ve created a video that showcases the entire 3 hour install in under 3 minutes…Rumors are floating around the interwebs that Apple might currently be testing a touchscreen display for a future i Mac.



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