Updating drm


Point to the location where you have copied the file and ensure that ‘Latest Updates for all devices’ is selected.

On the Summary screen ensure that all of the OS components are selected.

The CMC can then go and fetch these firmware updates from DRM and apply them in an ordered, staged, and automated fashion! The fact of the matter is though if you have ever tried to work with any of these update/firmware management products, be it Dell, HP or anyone else you know that they are not as intuitive and easy to use as they advertise – that and they are constantly being updated and best practices are constantly changing! That said taking the time to set it up properly still far outweighs the pain of having to hit the Dell support site, pulling down individual firmware packages and processing them manually – so why not spend the time now which will hopefully save you some time later – I’m lazy by nature, and have followed the following steps to make it work for me!

First up we need to setup the Dell Repository Manager (DRM) – you should be able to find the downloadable msi under the Systems Management portion of any of your supported Dell products on their driver download page.

Now we can proceed to create a new repository based off of our file as shown below…

Within DRM select Repository-Dell Modular Chassis Inventory.

Select ‘Update from Network Share’ under Chose Update Type and then click ‘Save Inventory Report’.

Doing this should save a file (Inventory.xml) to your local harddrive – this file contains the inventory of the blades and what is inside of them in terms of hardware and needs to be copied over to your DRM server.



If you’ve ever tried to tackle all the firmware on an m1000e/VRTX and its’ respective blades you probably know what a hot mess it can be – using various different methods to update different pieces of hardware, some requiring a Live CD, some requiring a boot-able USB key, some requiring you to extract an EXE and find secret payload files, and some being installed through the GUI.

After a few minutes of ‘Reading Catalog’ and ‘Writing data to database’ we should be good to go to continue with the creation of our repository.



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