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I just installed d Bpoweramp Tag Update, but running that only takes me to a "Help" page.Under DSP settings, I see an "Import Art" function and pointed to the file I scanned. In specific steps, can someone please tell me how to do this. with regards to when you are ripping the CD and want your own art, look at the lower right side on the ripping screen.Donate version users can embed these images directly to the MP3 file and clean an unorganized media library easily.Using Cover Art Downloader I was able to fix about 90% of my SD card songs, but for the rest I thought of using Cover Art Grabber.changing artwork: in windows explorer, go to the actual files themselves (not the folder that holds the files, i.e., the ALBUM folder).




I have searched the forum and came across answers that suggest to use "Edit: tags" or "ID: Update", etc. Another post suggested right clicking in Windows Explorer, but I can't find any option there either.I hate it when software wants to think for you and decides to display something the way IT wants to and not the way YOU want to.



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