Updating a jlist kristen dating justin bobby


It will print an empty list.package net.codejava.swing; import

You are currently viewing the Java GUI section of the Wrox Programmer to Programmer discussions. JScroll Pane j Scroll Pane = null; private JList j List1 = null; ...... JPanel [u]get JContent Pane() { if (j Content Pane == null) { j Content Pane = new javax.swing. JButton b1 = new JButton("chercher"); b1Action Listener (new Action Listener() return j Content Pane; ........ JScroll Pane get JScroll Pane() This worked for me: You need to refresh the main panel that holds all the other panels main Panel.validate(); main Panel.repaint(); your j Content Pane might work like this: j Content Pane.validate(); j Content Pane.repaint(); I am just learning too so your not dealing with an expert.

Knowing the currently selected item(s) will be one of the most useful events to know.

Note that, the user might have selected one or more item(s) in the list. If the user had earlier selected only one item and now deselected the same, there would be no selection left in the list.

JFrame tried adding: sold List Data(bought) in the update Data thread, Netbeans claims "no suitable method found".

Server Core looks like this, do i need to synchronize it?

Is there a way i can send Array bought to the JList and update it that way, just the when i customise my code on netbeans to "list = new JList(Array())" the GUI doesn't appear.


*/ /* * Server * * Created on 11-Oct-2011, */ package argosserver; import Edit: The GUI is definaltly crashing, cursor won't change on it's edges and sometimes the GUI doesn't display properly.

Key Event; import *; import javax.swing.border.*; import javax.swing.*; import event.*; import Dimension; import *; /* * Button requires the following files: * images/* images/* images/*/ public class test3 extends JPanel implements Action Listener, List Selection Listener, Key Listener, Focus Listener{ private master m; JList objects L;// = new JList(); JList types L;// = new JList(); JText Field url; JText Field key Word; Default List Model list Model; public test3() ; objects L = new JList(objects); objects Selection Mode(List Selection Model.



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