Truth behind internet dating funny


I’m a boomer, and, while it’s been a challenge to find straight, sane men to date, nothing could have prepared me for the wacky world of online dating.

Before Internet dating exploded around 2000, I’d mostly tried the Personals ads in local newspapers and magazines.

To do so, you need to know online dating expectations versus the online dating reality. In essence, the person fills out a questionnaire, filling it with the information they deem valuable and important for other people to see, and of course, photos.

As experience seems to show, very few single people tend to upload their unsuccessful photos, on the contrary, everyone wants to please everyone else and naturally choose the pictures where they are shown in the best light.

Moreover, some girls hire professional photographers to have a photo session.

This, of course, comes with professional make-up, if they do not know how to do it themselves.


While none were quite as dramatic as the T'eo scandal, readers agreed: When looking for love in cyberspace, prepare for an adventure.There are many sites dedicated to online dating for the older population including’s Match Seniors, Senior People Meet, Our Time and Stitch, which is a little more community- and activities-oriented than strictly dating. So, one evening, I brewed a cup of tea and settled into my chair, hoping to find at least a couple of suitable men with which to correspond, out of thousands of potential Prince Charmings.


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