Tradestation not updating chart australian affairs dating

It is now easier than ever to monitor even the slightest price changes - keep track of possible market movements by selecting one of our seconds-based timeframes.

Our Premium subscribers are now able to view charts using 1, 5, 15...

This historical data is supposed to go back to 1999 per Trade Station's website. For example, to display the continues ES chart, the symbol is simply @ES You're welcome.

However, it is only going back to 10/1/13 on the Continuous Contract chart. Here's something else I found out - To quickly change a chart from one symbol to another, you can just simply just start typing the symbol (if you know it) when a chart is displayed and then hit enter. For example if you are on the ES continuous chart (@ES) and want to switch over to the Dow, simply type "@YM" and hit enter.

Hopefully someday they will have horizontal scaling through dragging.


You can scale the vertical access through dragging.They use the pit symbols instead of the Globex symbols.


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