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• You meet a cute guy at the bar one weekend and are now text buddies with him.

You just got out of a serious relationship and have no desire to actually make this into anything, yet you enjoy the distraction from reality and keep it going just for fun.

Soon enough your co-workers will start avoiding you like the plague, consider you immature and unfocused. Also, the more you start emailing, the more you get sucked in.

Third, as tempting as it is to email your friends and family about how you are feeling all day, you are better off closing that personal email and focusing on work. Time will vanish; you will be behind on your work and worse off from where you started.

Unfortunately this type of talk is not well suited for most work environments if you are hoping to be seen as a leader and a professional.

Perhaps he thought you were totally uninterested in him AND rude.

• You use technology as an easy out rather than picking up the phone or dealing with an awkward situation in person.


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