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It's better with a smaller penis--much more comfortable.Girth is important, but again it doesn't take much to do the job.When it comes to tv and movies penis size always comes up as a joke (if you're on the smaller end). Some women like them big small, thin, fat, crooked.Buuuut women have to deal with societal pressures concerning weight, boobs, ass etc etc so i think its fair Lol! An average sized one can cause quite a bit of discomfort and pain when slammed against the cervix; however, i have experienced under intense arousal, the vagina expands and cervix pain is reduced sometimes to nothing. Unfortunately males can not brandish the size or shape of their package like a woman can with breasts.Never Mention It's Big: Even worse than saying it's small is saying it's big.It's one thing to point out the obvious, but if you lie—and he'll know you're lying—then you're just an untrustworthy person. Say Goodbye to Intercourse: Getting fucked just isn't going to feel right if the guy is deficient below the belt.However—just like fat people have to be funny and short people have to be aggressive to get by in the world—guys with small dicks compensate by focusing on other bedroom activities.

Actually, the fact that you never mention it will give him a boost of confidence, which is always good in the bedroom.Porn star females are stretched waaaay out i would imagine so maybe it's easier for them to be penetrated by larger penises. But then again, men also can be picky about a woman's vag. There are other ways to pleasure each other than penis I wonder where the obsession with length came from. Men with huge penises get the starring roles, and their hot female counterparts seem to be enjoying the sex so much!There is this thing about men wanting tight coochies, which I find is of no real important. It's better with a smaller penis--much more comfortable.Tampons stay snugly in place despite being no wider than my finger.

Sadly our culture puts a lot of pressure on guys when it comes to penis sizes.If you can't get it at home, you shouldn't have a problem finding it elsewhere. And don't feel too bad, this is something you can't get at home.


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