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I have had accurate prophetic words over me during the conference and they have an incredibly creative themed prophetic area where you can go for prophetic words and to just soak in Gods presence.

The quality of the teaching and worship have always been outstanding and I have encouraged friends and family to attend so they can experience it too.

The one day school is called Proclaim and runs all day on Monday 20th March from 9.30am until 4pm.

He is also preaching on Sunday 23rd at Kings Arms if you cannot get to the healing school.

For me they keep the fire burning, the desire to see the more of God and to meet up with people who are equally hungry to see Gods kingdom advance across the Earth.

I have added a link so you can book tickets to this conference in Birmingham UK in August 2017.

Obviously for me as a ‘cryer’ it can cause undue stress to the delicate area around the eyes and so I go fully equipped with the softest of tissues and lots of water to drink because I get so dehydrated through crying!

I have found them to be a highlight in my year and something I look forward to with great expectation and I have never been disappointed.

I started attending conferences a few years ago when I realised there was such a thing, I know right!!!! But what I hadn’t anticipated was what a tiring business it is as you are ‘doing business’ with God and emotions can run high.

I love the teaching, worship, freedom and breakthrough that comes through attending them.

God uses him to inspire pastors and church workers to become bold in their own ministries.


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