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(born November 2, 1961), known by her stylized stage name k.d.lang, is a Canadian pop and country singer-songwriter and occasional actress.That song brought her multi-million sales and much critical acclaim.Coming out as lesbian the same year saw several US country stations banning her music, and she faced a picket line outside the 1993 Grammy Awards ceremony where she would receive the Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.She and the Reclines recorded their debut single, Friday Dance Promenade, at Sundown Recorders.Label owner Larry Wanagas became her personal manager.Another top ten single from the record was "Miss Chatelaine".

She also made numerous tongue-in-cheek promises about what she would and would not do in the future, thus fulfilling the title of 'Most Promising'. In 1986, Lang signed a contract with an American record producer in Nashville, Tennessee, and received critical acclaim for her 1987 album, Angel with a Lariat, which was produced by Dave Edmunds.

I was broke at the time, so I'd find things at Value Village or get my mom to make me a skirt from the curtains she was about to throw out.


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