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But while the start of your relationship may be full of lots and lots of glorious sex, as you begin to settle in a life together your sex life may start to peter out. Don’t feel embarrassed, but physical connection is a key part of maintaining a healthy relationship and if you’ve lost your Mojo, it is hard to ask the tough question of how to get it back.

This book details how both partners – no matter the level of your sex drive – can build back that physical connection.

Be it fights over the dishes, finances, kids, and the like, the pressures of life, the minutiae of the day-to-day can leave you both in a disconnect.

This book aims to pull you away from the shuffle and help build habits that promote a mindful relationship.

Soppy was born on the internet, when author and illustrator Philippa Rice started documenting the details of her relationship with her boyfriend.

While many of the moments she found were romantic – like cuddling by the fire – many of the scenes she illustrated were those little tiny moments that are often overlooked – like how you sleep next to each other or randomly remembering each other’s favorite foods.


The teachers of the Harvard Negotiation Project have put together this book to guide you through how to navigate every tough conversation or fight with not just the people you love, but colleagues, parents and the like. Some live for the 24/7 endearing text messages and others prefer a to-the-point style of texting.

Others love over-the-top grand gestures, while others enjoy a more subtle approach to showing your love.


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