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In that same year, the French carmaker Simca became a Chrysler plant, ending its operations in 1981 when it was acquired from Volkswagen to be their truck division.This plant has been shut down definitely in 1990 and gave place in 2006 to a warehouse from one of the biggest retail stores in Brazil, Casas Bahia.By the beginning of the 20th century, Japanese immigrants arrived, most of them going to the neighborhood called Cooperativa.Industry, particularly metal works, thrived in the city during the 1960s, when São Bernardo do Campo became known as Brazil's Automobile Capital (Portuguese: a Capital do Automóvel).Industrialization also attracted migrants from the Brazilian Northeastern region in the 1960s.Among them was the family of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who grew up in the region. Wij hebben advertenties van Vrouwen op zoek naar mannen, koppels op zoek naar een man. Of u nu een eenmalige sexdate zoekt of een sexpartner, dagelijks vele honderden nieuwe sexdating advertenties op Afspraakjes.The city was founded by João Ramalho in 1553 and was known as Vila de Santo André da Borda do Campo de Piratininga, soon transferred to another nearby place, safer from hostile tribes.


In 1967, Willys-Overland has been bought by Ford Motor Co.São Bernardo do Campo, from the 1950s had its economy based on the auto industry - At that time, the Brazilian Federal Government headed by Juscelino Kubitschek decided to create an executive board to promote local carmaking - the Grupo Executivo da Indústria Automobilística (GEIA) (Executive Group for Automobile Industry).Providing, among other regulations, a minimum amount of national components to integrate the vehicles, it stimulated the implantation of carmakers and auto parts industries.Transportation manufacturing and machine manufacturing make up the majority (84%) of the municipality's exports.


The top five material goods exported by São Bernardo do Campo are Delivery Trucks (14%), Tractors (14%), Vehicle Chassis (13%), Cars (13%), and Vehicle Parts (12%).

This is also the birthplace of the football player Anderson Luís de Souza, better known as Deco.


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