Roberta mancino dating

My radio was broken, so on my second jump I had no idea where to go with my parachute.

Some people say that women have a bad sense of direction.


She also aspires to jump out of a plane and reenter the same plane as it dives.

In 2007, Mancino broke the European Record for Formation Freefly and the World Record for Formation 69-Way Freefly.

Also that year, she placed first in the Italian Nationals of Skydiving.

She is also experienced in base jumping, using a winged suit, and has scuba dived with some of the worlds most dangerous sharks.

She is considered to be a lethal presence in a kickboxing ring, and after all that, she continues to be just as easy on the eyes as she ever was.

She has also made four jumps while completely naked for magazine photo shoots.


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