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Something else weird, on my logon, when I right-click and get properties, and go to the settings tab and then choose advance, when I click either okay or cancel, and also when I click okay or cancel to close the main properties window, I can HEAR a little "sfftt" noise coming from the computer if I put my ear close.When I do this on her logon, I do not hear this noise. )So any thoughts so far as to why this would only be doing this on my logon?One of the earlier versions of the BIOS update was for Windows Media Center... I have two logons on my computer, one for me and one for my wife. If I'm logged in as me, then SWITCH to her account (without logging out of mine), when I'm on her account it STILL DOESN'T do it. I have my Windows XP "look" set up differently than hers. I also have my own personal start-up, shut-down, and error sounds that I use. These programs are: Auto GK, DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, Img Burn, pgcedit, Rip It4Me, and Vob Blanker. Our "Show All Programs" menu has slightly different stuff on it.which my laptop doesn't even have, so why would a past version of the bios be an update for that? And why would HP tell me updating the BIOS is going to take care of the problem? Some of these show up in the "Show All Programs" menu on her logon, and some don't (see #3 below for more details). But I think that's because I probably deleted some stuff off of hers and added some stuff to mine.I am attaching images of the Task Manager for each (the 32 and the 31 processes for mine and the 33 and the 31 process for hers).I've blacked out the usernames (not sure if that's sensitive info, probably not), so the ones with the black boxes are the process that have our user names next to them. I am in the process of compiling the list of tweaks I did in XP and I will post those soon. I figured this out because I logged on as my wife, and was going over the things I changed with the tweaks guide, and this was one of them, so I changed hers, then suddenly the fan started turning on and off.

Battery: Turn off monitor after 5 minutes, Turn off hard discs after 3 minutes, System Standby after 10 minutes The default settings for Home/Office Desk are: Plugged in: Turn off monitors after 20 minutes, Turn off hard disks never, System Standby never.

Just turn off the decryption in decrypter as any dvd will take care of it for you.


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