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The show's executive producer, Nicola Lloyd, said of the upcoming series: "We're hugely excited about the new series of First Dates."It never seems to matter who walks through the doors of the First Dates restaurant, regardless of status we're all vulnerable human beings and our celebrity series confirms this." She added: "We're proud to be able to maintain the emotional integrity of the series through these four unique celebrity episodes."Be prepared for some romantic matches alongside a few awkward encounter."Speaking about her dating experience to OK!

Online, reality star Jess, 30, previously dished: "It was probably the most nerve-wracking thing I've ever done."I hate dates anyway but a blind date and on television - it's like my worst nightmare!

A short ride on the new metro line from the airport, with its new Stadler units, took me to the main line interchange at Tikkurila.

However, checking out ratebeer, there seemed to only be five bars in the town, with this being the most highly ranked.The local team are called in JJK and were formed in 1992 from a merger of JYP77 and Jy PK, keeping the Scandinavian tradition of having names that sound more like personalised car number plates than football clubs.They slowly emerged from the fourth division up to the top flight, and who can forget their memorable 2012 Europa Cup campaign?The following morning I bid farewell to my drinking companions as they commenced their tour to try and spot every tree in Central Finland.


I instead headed slightly out of town, for the obligatory visit to the local football ground.There were some games on in the capital but these looked to mostly be on 3g tennis courts.


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