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The idea to bring it back was really based on that enthusiastic reaction, but also so many people whose friends told them how great it was, but they themselves didn’t go, so we wanted to give everybody a second chance. We’re excited about that particular 2019 Ravinia moment. Morrissey, Kesha, Queen Latifah and Common, Maxwell, Tony Bennett always. I know Ringo’s playing elsewhere and The Beach Boys are playing elsewhere.

As always and perhaps even more so, there seems to be a tremendous amount of diversity in genres and generations. I think things like “Mass,” the Renée Fleming commissioned piece “Penelope” (Jul. I think that’s something Ringo wanted to do at Ravinia.

As far as gambling goes, it’s a pretty safe bet there’s no other venue on earth where the likes of standards crooner Tony Bennett appears alongside rapper T. or country mega-stars Lady Antebellum being within earshot of The Smiths’ singer turned solo alt-rock god Morrissey throughout a single season.

But holding the distinction of being the longest-running music festival in America dating back over a century, Ravinia’s more than earned the right and reputation to boast one of the most exceptionally diverse line-ups anywhere.

It can’t just be what’s on stage, but of course must begin with what’s on stage. Who would you say are the most significant scores in terms of new debuts? That combined with the work we do with little kids is just thrilling to me, a personal thrill going back to my parents both being school teachers. That’s a big part of what we do here, that’s fun, but it’s got its challenges definitely. Common had such a fantastic debut with us a couple seasons ago, and this combo of Christine Ebersole and Michael Feinstein (Aug. They’re good musical and human friends and I think that’s going to be a really wonderful show.

I look at our audience who will come to a Mahler symphony and Morrissey (Sept. But there’s certain things, the screens, the way you hear and see the shows, the restaurants, that are hugely important. Everybody would want a reserved seat and I think what we now know is there are a lot of young families that want to bring their kids and the lawn is the best opportunity for them, not just from an expense point of view, but also from the informality and the social point of view and that’s true of a Beethoven symphony or “Bohemian Rhapsody.” That’s why I love walking the park an hour or two before the show begins because I never know who’s going to be there. I don’t know if our schools and our conservatoires turning out a better level or talent and performing, but it’s an exciting time to be a presenter. I didn’t know that I had it when I was a little kid and I started to take piano lessons. But I think that’s the big thing, and raising money of course, and working with the city fathers, and making sure neighbors are happy. 2), I could go on and I know that sounds like I’m just reading off the list, but so many have not been with us before or haven’t been with us for a while, so I’m particularly excited about that.

Welz Kauffman: One is a lot of excitement, interest and enthusiasm around us continuing to celebrate the most important of American musicians, Leonard Bernstein. Then the other piece is the Ravinia Music Box Experience Center, [an intimate theater and museum gallery space], which will open this summer and is under construction right now.

I think a lot of people who were with us last summer for the actual centennial knew that there was more depth to plum, more works of his that we didn’t have a chance to do, more composers that he championed like very few others that we could do more with…A key thing is bringing his “Mass” (Jul. 8” (Jul 26), obviously a piece that Lenny didn’t write, but we wouldn’t have Mahler in our world the way we do today without him. It’s something we’ve been discussing within the Ravinia family and really the classical world has been discussing for over a hundred years…[regarding] the fact that the classical music audience seemed to be dwindling, which we hear in the business all the time.

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Queen Latifah got her name when she was six from her cousins African name book. Later she was considered the African queen so she added queen to her name now shes…



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