Printable role playing dating

Action resolution is rolling d6s based on skill where every 5 or 6 is one success. A sci-fi RPG about characters permanently stranded on an uninhabited planet after an interstellar war has wiped out their homeworlds.

It uses a dice pool system, taking the lowest die rolled where 1-5 is a success but each "1" loses you that die.

Character creation uses description, points, or random rolls for attributes and skills. A preview release of an RPG set in Tolkien's Middle Earth.

The PDF is password protected, requiring a password given over email by the creator.

Character creation is random-roll attributes with a random number of bonus points. A supplement for White Wolf's Storyteller system, about playing immaterial angels who manifest by entering human bodies -- fighting with demons who possess them. A simple universal set of mechanics aimed at emulating Japanese anime.

See my category explanation for what the keywords mean. Resolution is by rolling 1d100 plus a number of bonus d10s plus attribute compared to difficulty (20 for Trivial to 180 for Outrageous).An expanded version with GM-only information is available in print (not free). It's intended to be a simple, light hearted system with lots of opportunity for heroics.It uses freeform skills rated on a five-step scale (Poor to Excellent).The rules and setup are similar to Lady Blackbird - a dice pool system where every even number rolled is a success, gaining dice from the descriptor for the Trait used, as well as Stunt Dice spent. 36 pages Player File, 72 pages Scenario File (PDF).

A game set in 3050 where Earth, Venus, and Mars are under tyrranical rule by the Syndicate (including the non-human vampiri and Venusian elves), using a very simple dice pool system similar to Shadowrun.Combat resolution is by rolling a Fudge die for every bullet shot.


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