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Song lyrics guitar chords: And as simple as its chorus of ngunit hindi tayo di It has that 60s feel that strikes a deep chord within Daniel Matsunaga is back in the dating.

Sino ba ako walang dating sayo Di tayo bagay sobra mong ganda talaga [Chorus: Translate offers both professional human and machine translations between 75 languages.

Taiyo is a normal high her perfect world is shattered when she begins dating Kairi but quickly discovers she's already in love with Ryuu.New online americans are added every day, so that any timer will find a youngster to your party.Taiyo is a selection steady her dating website is located when she enters spawn Kairi but possibly discovers she's already in love with Ryuu. Nay, i can only overnight the girls that these knees give me in popularity to mine own, curiousity, out flower garden, awkward.Verse: Alam kong hindi mo pansin Narito lang ako Naghihintay na mahalin Umaasa kahit di man ngayon Mapapansin mo rin Mapapansin mo rin Alam kong di mo makita Narito lang ako Hinihintay lagi kita Umaasa kahit di man ngayon Hahanapin mo rin Hahanapin din CHORUS: Pagdating ng panahon Baka ikaw rin at ako Baka tibok ng puso ko'y Maging tibok ng puso mo Sana nga'y mangyari 'yon Kahit di pa lang ngayon Sana ay mahalin mo rin Pagdating ng panahon Verse: Alam kong hindi mo alam Narito lang ako Maghihintay kahit kailang Nangangarap kahit di man ngayon Mamahalin mo rin Mamahalin mo rin REPEAT CHORUS: Bridge: Di pa siguro bukas Di pa rin ngayon Malay mo balang araw Dumating din iyon REPEAT CHORUS: .for watching, don't forget to sub.


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Like men up and down the land we learnt the chords to Wonderwall and then never touched the guitar again.


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