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As he opens his eyes, he winces from the pain of having stiff muscles and having slept in an awkward position.

"Hey fella, you better get up unless you don't mind people thinkg you is a street bum" said the voice.

It's just a disclaimer A/N: For the time being, I'll only be focusing on writing Precious Bonds and Spiral Traversed in order to finish them by the end of the month.

Once both are done, I'll release Our Secret pt.3: Miracle.

You know what he'll do if he regains the use of his hands."Tsunade stops and says "That's none of your business Shizune and why should I care for the village after what it took from me. And if fighting you will stop the madness you seem to have developed, then I will." Tsunade smiles as she shoots forward and punches Shizune in the gut with enough force to knock her out.

Temari: Keyote doesn't own Naruto Gaara: And I'll kill any who says otherwise Kankuro: Man, your still scary little bro.She turned and saw Shizune place Naruto on one of the beds and asked "What happened?" Shizune finishes making sure he's comfortable before walking over to her and says "He used up to much chakra and is sleeping it off.She was also worried for him as he had been spending all of his time training.

There was another reason she wanted to talk to him, but she knew she couldn't tell him what she wanted to say at this time: that she and him were second cousins, that he did have family left in the world.

Along the way, he meets Hinata and several other girls who he will find himself having a major influence over.



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