Online dating multiple sclerosis

However, I’ve reached the stage where I feel the reward of love is worth the risk. All the sifting for ideal matches was done for me, and I was able to avoid the really active people as that would never have worked out.I found that bringing up my MS ended up becoming quite an organic process.I’m just so scared that I’m gonna pick the wrong guy again. It’s in my morning affirmations to take away the fear. It takes a really good guy to want to see past the multiple sclerosis.Maybe it’s me, maybe I’m becoming too closed in my own walls and I’m too scared to be in the world again. It’s very difficult when you have a disease because there’s more that goes into dating.


Maybe that’s what I need, a companion for when I grow older.As far as dating, I surrender my fear everyday to the universe. Today I just wanted to voice my fears again more specifically. You are making yourself very vulnerable after spending all your resources building yourself back up. Having MS doesn’t matter to them, but when you’re dating, the reality of my MS and the implications it will have on the relationship are as invisible as my symptoms.


I can’t afford to give my heart to someone that will check out once they realize the reality of being with someone with multiple sclerosis. I may not always be able to be there when you want me to, and that hurts me as much as it does you. You’re single and you have decided to dive back into the dating pool. The most valuable lesson my MS nurse taught me was to budget my energy like I would with money.


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