Omarion who is he dating

Yes, there are gays, particularly in entertainment, who hide behind the bi cloak for their careers. I don't feel right to take away the choice to live their life their way.[quote]Omarion must be hot shit in bed b/c both Bow Wow and Chris Brown look really into him.yes, Chris and Bow Wow were BFFs and suddenly they had a meltdown on Twitter.two bottoms jealous over who spends time with Omarion.r67, Raz B took a shot at chris on Twitter last week asking him if he beat this boyfriends like he beat rihanna.

chris responded by saying that Raz B never complained about being buttplugged when his band was making money, and he also called him a homothug.[QUOTE]"confirm his bisexuality" is trending on Twitter and I was like OMG!

Jake Gyllenhaal, James Franco or John Travolta finally came out!


Since people pegged Raz B as bipolar and mentally unstable, he might have been percieved as the one spreading rumors (that's what I thought but I don't remember if his name was brought in, just that the rumors started around the time Raz B made allegations).Raz B stated that Bow Wow was also abused or involved in some sexual stuff with Stokes and Marques Houston.Bow Wow said he doesn't know Raz B, they were never label mates and that he's still friends with Omarion but that he was never sexually involved with any of those people.The holiday season doesn't just bring families together: Apparently, hip-hop and R&B peers can mend fences as well. "One thing the fans gotta realize is that before music, we're men. Over the past few months, I’ve received quite a few emails from loyal readers advising me of brown’s sexual orientation.

Me and O been knowing each other for five and a half years. Not that I care who he sleeps with, but judging from these photos,... I think this is the first black gay entertainer to come out in the last 100 years! I think that and his close friendships with Bow Wow and Chris Brown will stop him from coming out.


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