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Black Dub turn their collective back on all that, focusing instead on a gorgeous exchange of ideas manifest in sound.

In many ways, their work harkens back to jazz, with its focus on group dynamic, interplay, improvisation, and experimentation.

If I had to award a gold medal, it would go straight to Black Dub.

But whatever digital form this history is distributed in, it will also include a plain-text "dump" of the tree in GEDCOM format HERE. When the Family Echo tree has stablized, I will see if I can also put a copy of it on

THANKS to da Cruz cousins Danny, Lina, Rif, Raimundo, Luzia, Helena, and Fafita; to Lund cousins Sandy and Betty Rae and to Minnesota historian Dana Yost, and the nice people of Minneota, Minneota; to ex-sisters-in-law Christine and Lori and ex-mother-in-law Consuelo. For Virginia, to George Gilmer, Russell Hill (son of Harry), and the late Jimmie Walker. Separate chapters (they load faster): [Mom and Norway] [Dad] [Grandmother Gus and Germans/Swiss] [Grandfather Daniel and Portugal] [Brother Dennis] [Uncle Pete] [The Scotts] [Frankfurt Germany] [Army] [Pam] [SEE THE ONLINE FAMILY TREE] Note to posterity: The online tree referenced just above was built at, a site which will surely disappear one day.


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