Ms project predecessors not updating

Visit Stack Exchange I am running into a strange problem with project and was wondering if anyone has been able to solve this problem.

I don't want project to change any of my dates based on changing %complete OR have anything to do with the status date.

The only thing that seems to "fix" the problem is putting in 0% complete and 0 days for the task duration and then adding the days back into the task duration. They are called constraints and can be set in the Task Information under the Advanced tab.

It then puts the task back into the correct start and finish window and I can re enter the %complete. I don't currently have access to MS-Project, but I clearly recall there being an option to set the scheduling to MANUAL (or "Do not recalculate automatically").

That is where you map fields between Project and Share Point.

Predecessors should synch, not sure why they wouldn’t.

This would allow you, as a Project Manager, to enjoy all the sophisticated features of MS Project like resource management, reporting, and task management, while providing a clean and straightforward interface to tasks for your team members via Share Point Task list. If you already have some tasks in Share Point Task List and want to create your MS Project Schedule using those tasks, you can open that task list in Share Point using MS project.


A workgroup comprises people who are directly involved in the project - the manager and team in a project and external contractors and customers.

Schedule — tool that defines what tasks are to be done, by whom and when.


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