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We undertook the present study to provide formative research regarding Latinas’ orientation to the caregiver role and the cultural beliefs that shape their caregiving experiences.Building on our prior research with Mexican caregiving women ( Mendez-Luck et al., 2008 , 2009 ), and drawing from the literature on social roles in Mexican families, we used a grounded theory approach and a social constructionist framework to explore how women of Mexican-origin conceptualized caregiving as a construct in terms of cultural beliefs, social norms, role functioning, and familial obligations.Our study was informed by role beginning in early childhood, which guides normative behaviors of femininity, submission, weakness, reservation, and virginity ( Bridges, 1980 ; Le Vine, Sunderland Correa, & Tapia Uribe, 1986 ; Nader, 1986 ; Peñalosa, 1968 ).An important aspect of is the sense of responsibility to the family ( Hubbell, 1993 ).Latino older adults also utilize nursing home care and private pay care at lower levels compared with non-Latino white older adults ( Angel, Rote, Brown, Angel, & Markides, 2014 ).

As such, as a cultural value is likely shared to some degree among Mexican-origin women, irrespective of actual religious affiliation or level of religiosity.

Although caregiving research has been conducted in racial/ethnic populations, the majority of caregiving research has included homogenous samples of Latinos or African Americans ( Dilworth-Anderson, Williams, & Gibson, 2002 ), resulting in an inability to assess within-group characteristics ( Pinquart & Sörensen, 2005 ).


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