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The Mystic Missal Provides practical steps as well as valuable references for the spiritual seeker.It also includes a newsletter, which pays tribute to selected spiritual giants and includes arresting commentary by the editor.Today, you may receive some additional divine intervention and get a “knowing” out of what appears to be nowhere!The ascension field we are moving through is a maelstrom of conflicting energetic frequencies.The New Moon on August 30, 2019 will be a Supermoon in the Zodiac Constellation of Virgo.

They step up their assault to meet the oncoming waves of 333 cosmic light frequencies. The threads holding the old 3D matrix together, competition, hate and fear, are splitting, tearing, snapping under the pressure of Christ consciousness anchoring on the material plane.

See also the companion sites: The Listening Attention, with additional writing and humor aimed at the ; and Nostalgia West, containing photos from the Rockies to West Virginia, past and present.

Gates of the Mind Contains the most complete assembly of Joseph A. Tess Hughes Tess Hughes of Galway, Ireland offers intensives for those who are interested in self-inquiry as a means of spiritual unfoldment and finding the path home.

Today’s high pitched frequency (HPF) is in the key of B Major, which reflects the key of the crown chakra and the planet Jupiter.

The crown chakra’s mission statement is “I know” and/or “I understand”.First Know Thyself An umbrella site for self-inquiry groups meeting in various cities and following Richard Rose's recommendations for ways to work with others in accelerating the spiritual search.


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