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I don’t listen to metal myself, but have fun going to metal shows on occasion.So I decided Speed Metal Dating might be a fun way to meet some nice people.Everyone donned HELL nametags with upside-down crosses and a number.As he was writing down his name on the tag, one metal dude muttered, “Do I have to do that metal writing that you can’t tell what it says and it just looks like a pile of sticks?But maybe that’s why I found him the most interesting.By the end my throat was sore from shouting over the metal music and breathing in the fake fog.But apparently I’ve got a heart of steel, so I figured maybe I could really rock speed dating. Vitus, a metal bar in my neighborhood was hosting the first ever Speed Metal Dating.


Date five got mad when I told him I was heading to the bar for a drink.I happened to chat up the guy sitting next to me, and it turned out he runs a record label that releases, among other genres, drone metal.When we exchanged numbers at the end of the night I called his phone with him sitting in front of me.One of the guys from Jersey said that every girl he’d talked to lived in Brooklyn. My favorite person was one of the last I met, an older, grey-bearded (and drunk) Scottish photographer, who was totally crass.

Most of the other guys were blending together in my mind at that point, so I found him hilarious.

He’d offended some other girl earlier and she’d thrown a drink in his face.


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