Mayte garcia dating eric benet


Nelson,” her attorney, Edward Winer told the magazine.

It was never my desire to be in the spotlight, but it was a great experience because it allowed me to start my own business.” “All the songs he wrote for me, that’s a pretty hard act to follow.

Garcia and Prince divorced in 1999 and he married Testolini in the year 2001.

According to People, the two met when Testolini was actually working for one of Prince's charitable organizations.

According to Prince's attorney, the divorce was not something that Prince wanted and that Testolini was the one who filed.


At the time of the divorce filing, Prince was 48 years old and Testolini was 29. She is actually a businesswoman from Toronto who is both the founder and president of a company called Gamillah, Inc.

The met in Minneapolis while she was working for the charity Love4One Another and lived together in Toronto, the Toronto Star reported.


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