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Ezgi, the in-house dating and relationship expert for the dating app, Once, tells uk that this is often a symptom of the person lacking something in their life.‘Emotional masturbation happens when people step back and take a look at their lives and can see that there is a piece missing from the puzzle,’ Ezgi says.But there’s also the online kind of pseudo-connection, where you keep talking to a person for weeks or even months via a dating app or website, but never actually meet up.And often you’re emotionally attached to him or her (or to this connection) without knowing if there is a spark in real life.Let’s take comfort and encouragement where it can be found, and there’s a good bit of it in Scripture’s silence on the topic.We’re not saying that the issue isn’t important for us, or to God, but that our consciences are out of alignment with the truth of Scripture on the magnitude of this sin.

Her relationships are generally short-term and after meeting them she is totally obsessed with them.‘For instance, girl meets guy or vice versa – and because they are conscious that they are missing out on something important in their life.


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