Mandating child life services

This is over an hour (one third) more nursing care than the average resident in Australia gets and double the amount of care by trained nurses.Hammond Care outlined the UK’s Care Quality Commission and described it as ‘one of the best [rating systems for care homes] in the world.’ The UK Care Quality Commission does not publish staff ratios, but instead ‘considers staffing among a broader range of safety quality measures.’ Estia Health further explained that using these international examples could hasten the development of a system to publish broader measures of quality and care in aged care, as opposed to only publishing the staff to resident ratio measure as proposed in the Bill.Hall and Prior was concerned that the Bill may create a ‘perverse incentive …that would reduce expensive registered nurse labour hours to have ratios that look better, but care programs that are poorer for this redirection of funds.’…

Aged Care Amendment (Staffing Ratio Disclosure) Bill 2018 (the Bill) may create consumer expectations that residential aged care facilities will increase their staffing levels.

The ANZSGM also made the point that both the ‘allied health staff’ and ‘other staff members’ categories covered a diverse range of professions, and that medical professions also needed to be accounted for. not only is that 'other staff' descriptor a problem but so is the descriptor of 'allied health staff' and lumping all allied health staff into one category when you're covering disciplines as diverse as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, nutrition and dietetics.

They're all very distinct specialties that do very different things, and I think there are problems with lumping them together.

Levels of staffing and the mix of staff skills within a residential aged care facility are important aspects of determining the quality and safe care of residents.

There are also a range of additional factors that can impact the care provided and the number and mix of staff that is needed.Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA) was also of the view that a single ‘allied health staff’ category does not provide transparency for consumers regarding the specific allied health services on offer at a particular facility.


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