Lesbiandatingsites com


While some have found luck on dating sites or apps, many users remain disgruntled and without partners.

Many sites promote themselves as open to members of all backgrounds and sexuality.

Many dating sites attract users by expressing the ease of online dating compared to the discomfort of finding love in person.

But they do not immediately emphasize safety and acceptance as some lesbian dating sites do.

They touch on the importance of having the self-respect to know what you deserve in a relationship.

They do this by highlighting some behaviors that one should not tolerate in any interaction, including having to, “chase them or make excuses for them.” In this way, this lesbian dating site turns attention back on the user herself and her own standards.


In our current world, finding a partner can seem almost impossible, thus ushering in the age of online dating.

For example, the Elite Singles website reserved for lesbians recounts the difficulties gay women may have in knowing whether the woman they have feelings for is also gay.

Therefore, they promote their site as a safe space for lesbians to interact.

This way, one may feel less pressure finding friends than lovers.


It also sets a standard that there is no harm in a lack of romantic connection.

Similar to other sites focused on friendship, placing value on community takes pressure off of the experience of using a dating site.



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