Just sex with no sign up in ireland


This result is far higher (1.5 times more likely) than the global average.

While just 11 per cent of Irish men and women felt they were well informed when they lost their virginity, another 30 per cent say they were ready to take that step – a rate that is higher than Australians (23 per cent), Greeks, (18 per cent) and the Japanese (five percent).

Only one in five Irish men and women say one of their major sources of sex education was from school.

A huge 41 per cent say they get most their knowledge from friends and peers, 35 per cent say they turn to books for insight, 31 per cent look to magazines and 27 per cent get it from mainstream television programmes.

The global survey found that just 12per centwill always use a male condom with someone who is not their regular partner.

Durex’s Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey also revealed that of the men surveyed, the average number of sexual partners was 17 – more than men from Austria (16), China (5) and the Netherlands (12) – while women surveyed had an average of eight different partners.


It is vital that we educate our nation because a condom can quite literally be a lifesaver – if used properly condoms can protect against unplanned pregnancy and reduce the risk of catching many STIs.

Ugly Mugs is a service that aims to improve the safety of sex workers in Ireland and reduce crimes committed against them, by providing a platform for them to share information about potential dangers.

Smith said she will be discussing “the reality of sex work as opposed to the sensational side that is reported”.

Speakers at the two-day conference, which is taking place at the Camden Palace Hotel, will cover a diverse range of topics including sexual confidence and health, prostitution, trafficking, and sexuality in older age. Mc Kinney said there is a misconception that “whether you’re gay or straight, you cease being a sexual being once you get older”.


The typical sexual being is the young, thin, tanned woman. He stated that when the issue is raised it can get “a negative reaction, ‘Oh God, that’s disgusting, that’s gross’.” “Older people are often the objects of fun and derision [when it comes to sex].” He noted that older people need to be made aware of the dangers of contracting sexually-transmitted infections, as the occurrence of STIs in older age groups is on the rise.

In time for National Condom Week, (October 15-21), the world’s leading condom maker Durex has revealed just 55 per cent of Irish 18-year-olds will leave secondary school withany formal sexual health education, while another 15 per cent cannot remember receiving theirs.



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