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We have already made clear arrangements that were also meticulously met. After losing my job and getting into trouble, i found the website through Google. The website is user-friendly and pleased to install an app. Because we do not have any obligations i would like to find this a very nice way of dating. I love a spontaneous woman, so to turn on a desk did not pull me. Because you have no commitment, apart from the pre-arranged appointments, I can effortlessly date. And who knows in the future that i still find love?

I feel like I am ready to find someone to share my life with. My name is Chelsea and I am looking for friendships/romance/a fun time. I hope to enter the publishing industry once I graduate in December of this year. I’m just a down home country girl who enjoys camping, bonfires and riding around on backroads. When the weekend rolls around, you’ll find me hiking in the mountains with my German Shepherd, swimming a few laps at the gym, or checking out a live concert with friends. I am also fine with sitting at home with my cat watching movies.

Please show a recent photo (get out of denial, yes, you and I both have aged–hopefully, gracefully, lol!

) We all wish we looked and I love scary things, from the paranormal to Nightmare on elm Street.

What I'm looking for is someone close to where i live, not into the Long distance I don't identify myself by my age. I know all of the events in my life has prepared me for the exciting and rewarding years ahead. Politically I lean left (democrat/progressive) but try to keep an open mind to both sides.


I look to the future with the expectation of sharing it with someone Oh the dreaded about me! We will start with my likes as I live my life with positivity and steer away from the drama. I think it's important to listen to people and hear all points of view.

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