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Series Finale: Episode 48 — United Stakes Kaylie and Payson march into Coach Mc Intire’s office to inform him of the horrible news, that Coach Ray molested Jordan.

When Coach asks Jordan to confirm this, a fearful Jordan denies the story.

He kisses Emily after finding out she’s never been kissed, and tells her he can’t be just friends. Razor (Nico Tortorella) is Emily’s coworker and likes her.

He asks Damon to watch out for her while he’s on tour and tells him not to go out with her.

After learning a few new moves, Sasha surprises Payson and encourages her to take a risk performing her new routine.

Thanks to Wendy’s devious plan, Kaylie is banned from trials after testing positive for pseudoephedrine, which can also serve as an appetite depressant.

At one point he kicks Emily out of the gym and Nationals, but allows her back when he’s assured that she’ll listen to him.



As the girls prepare for the big trials, Payson seeks inspiration for a new routine to perform and brings Rigo to a salsa dance club for support.Only she and Kaylie’s brother, Leo, know that she’s had sex with her friend Kaylie’s boyfriend, Carter.Her biological mother, who wants nothing to do with her, is an addict who has been in and out of rehab several times.Sasha Belov (Neil Jackson) is the new head coach at The Rock.

He is the only gymnast to have beaten the team’s previous coach, Marty.TV show description: Set in Boulder, Colorado, this series focuses on a group of teenage gymnasts who are trying to make it to the Olympic Games. Nationals and possibly even the Olympics, conflict within their group becomes distracting.


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