Java not updating registry

Note that the registry changes above alone are not enough to prevent the Java updater from running.To prevent it from starting, and subsequently preventing the famous UAC prompt from appearing, follow the next step.

Most of our administrative departments run an older software that wants an older version of Java, If the user is prompted or it auto updates, they unaware click on it and then the application is broken.Disable updates and push them out as you need is the best option for administering your PCs. This one states that 64bit Java doesn't have the autoupdater included in the installer.Here are the registry keys we use to disable updates: 64-bit [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Java Soft\Java Update\Policy]"Enable Java Update"=dword:00000000 32-bit [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Java Soft\Java Update\Policy]"Enable Java Update"=dword:00000000 There are loads of posts on ITNinja, and details in the Package KB noting how to disable updates. This one is how to disable the update prompts in 1.7 with an entry in the file.This issue is probably because of the earlier versions of Java installed in your System.


First check your Environment Variables Carefully and remove all the Environment Variables related to the previous versions of JAVA and replace those paths to After struggling with this issue for some time and researching about it, I finally managed to solve it following these steps: 1) install jdk version 12 2) Create new variable in systems variable 3) Name it as JAVA_HOME and give jdk installation path 4) add this variable in path and move it to top.A combination of and deployment.config files, some registry settings and some properties in the MSI are generally used. Hope that helps, Dunnpy I'm having an issue with editing the registry setting everyone is talking about here.


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