Is carbon dating accuracy

However, my own experience indicates that there is a lack of understanding of what, specifically, is being measured from samples; what is involved in the atmosphere-to-biosphere production, retention, and decay of radiocarbon; and what should and should not be dated from archaeological deposits using radiocarbon dating techniques.

Therefore, I will introduce the topic with a brief summary suitable for advanced students and archaeological professionals..

The factors discussed below are challenges of which all Africanists must be keenly aware, but there are additional considerations that are more generally applicable, yet no less relevant (e.g., Bayliss Diagenesis is a process in which the chemical components of a substance are altered from their primary states.

As it applies to radiocarbon dating, diagenesis compromises carbon isotopes as (usually bone) tissues of the decomposing organisms interact with fluids present in soil (Hedges ).

Gas proportional counting was developed later, involving the combustion of organic matter into methane (CH).Living organisms uptake and metabolize all forms of carbon from Earth’s carbon reservoir, within which carbon cycles between the troposphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere.


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