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But aside from that, you know my brothers were so supportive, because they know that I was looking for somebody, I was truly looking for somebody, so they were very supportive. People knew everything about me and some girls were just plain uninterested in getting involved in that. I know it was exciting for me and I’d like to think for the women as well. When you take a look at the hooking up game and getting married, you know it’s pretty traditional that the guy says, ‘what have I got to offer this woman? I want to be, if and when the time comes an incredible father and so that’s all I’ve ever wanted, a really wholesome family life. Al Mellis: Just finishing up with that line, I’m now suspecting that any woman that you propose to has to move to Austin. And just so that you know, we can’t tell you anything more other than – Brad can’t tell you anything more than he’s very much in love and very happy, but other than that we can’t go any further than that. Yes, maybe they were the wrong girls, I don’t know. Al Mellis: Yes, something that just makes you chuckle. It had something to do with Madison who we were just talking about, but now I have to tell you, it was to a point I couldn’t even interview at the moment because I was laughing so hard and I know for a fact that Cathy won’t let me get too specific, but rest assured it is hilarious. Jessica Wedemeyer: Hi, I was thinking about it a lot already, but I was just wondering if you could you go on a little bit more without being too specific about the woman you did like and what kind of person she is like without. Cathy Rehl: I think he can talk about what he looks for in a woman. You know a very good second chance and so, I was definitely ready to find it and I thought what better way to do it. So a great conversation and in some ways – actually in all ways, I gained some closure there. Lara Martin: And Brad, how did your friends and family react whenever you said that you were going to do the show again after last time? My mother of all people, even though I am a grown man, she is very protective, so she was a little bit worried, just in case I didn’t pick anybody or wind up with anybody again. Yes, my eyes opened a little bit, because you’re right. As I am sitting here listening on the telephone, I’m wondering, gee, you pretty much sold this all on. There are some really, really good women and we all had a great time and so I hope that doesn’t make for a boring season. We know you’re a bar owner and you’ve added another bar to your life or whatever, but have you really got. Cathy Rehl: I think you can rely on the women adding that drama to the show. Operator: And your next question comes from Andrea Reiher form zap2 That’s something we’ll leave to people’s imagination. Dan Rice: Well, I hope this one choice you made works out for both of you. And again, I think I answered this before, as far as I wouldn’t have proposed, but I don’t want to blame it on the girls because they were such good women, they really were. Operator: And your final question comes from Jessica Wedemeyer from People Magazine. Jessica Wedemeyer: Or can you say something about, you know, the connection that you had and why it’s special without saying anything, about who she is. He will not talk about the person he is in love with. I’ve always wanted to wind up with somebody that is just genuinely sweet and that is just as much of a friend as anything else and so I found that and you know it’s someone that makes me want me to be a better person and I know that’s still vague and I would – trust me, I wise I could tell you so much more, but just genuinely sweet and very much a friend and I found that. He went to college at Texas State University-San Marcos for one year, before dropping out to work in oil fields all around the nation. They are determined and decisive, and will research until they find out the truth.Scorpio is a great leader, always aware of the situation and also features prominently in resourcefulness Brad Womack was born in the Year of the Rat. I really did go though very intense therapy and all that good stuff. So yes, it did affect it negatively, not – it wasn’t a positive thing at all. Anyway Austin, yes, I don’t have any plans on moving anywhere just because – you know, I spent 10 or 11 years trying to build a career and I have some roots planted here. We got to hope for a little controversy, that’s the lifeblood of reality TV. I’ll try to give you some then, but I appreciate your time. I truly fell that way, I’m not just saying that because I think I’m told to say that, may be I should have give it a shot just to see what would have happened. Jennifer Matarese: Hey, so you just said you wanted to pretty much go back to your private life after this is all said and done, but if you do end up getting engaged and you do go ahead with marrying whoever you selected here, would you even consider having your wedding on ABC or on TV? Operator: You have a follow up from Al Mellis from TV Al Mellis: I’ll make sure to make a note of that and watch for it. So, I mean there was a national feeling of the fact that I couldn’t commit. Operator: Your next question comes from Al Mellis from TV ’ What have you got to offer the woman that you are probably going to propose to? I’m like – gosh, I’m about to sound cheesy, but I like to think that I have a lot of love to offer. So, you know I could care less about material things or anything like that, but I am very confident that I have quite a bit of love to give a woman and I’m ready to do that. Brad Womack: Well, I’m very happy here and I know love is all about compromise, I get that, I’m learning these things, but God. Anyhow Brad, we are going to enjoy watching your season. I really don’t know, but I kind of feel bad because I should have given a relationship a shot. Brad Womack: No, thank you very much for that question. Al Mellis: Somewhat during this season you probably had a high humor moment that you can still probably chuckle at. I mean I literally couldn’t even speak, I was laughing so hard. I was excited of course, but I was very anxious and which in turn turned to nerves. Remember I didn’t know what the girls were going to think that I was a bachelor again. My question is, it seems like even when the bachelors and bachelorettes do find love, the tough part comes after the fact in dealing with the tabloids and the public scrutiny. You know, I have a very thick skin that developed I guess from last time. I think the show is going to a lot of exotic places. My favorite location was South Africa and the dates that occurred there were just – I mean they were some of my life long dreams, they truly were and so I had such a good time there. Yes, it just – all of the dates that occurred on South Africa were my favorites. Ann Oldenburg: So you can’t tell me if there’s specifically something exciting or… Operator: Your next question comes from Yvonne Villarreal from LA Times. I want everything to air, to have the very happy ending and just continue on with my life. Yvonne Villarreal: All right, well thanks so much Brad. Operator: Once again if anyone would like to ask a question, please press start then the number one. Jessica Wedemeyer: And what would you say to, you know, naysayers out there who might say,’ well, of course he found love this time. So tell us what it was like, you know, what was going through your head when you were back at the mansion. Actually it’s a very surreal feeling and I remember pulling back up and I was very anxious. I thought it would be easier, because I had gone through it before and I think it made it even more difficult and I don’t know why, because I don’t know. I just wanted to ask you about, did you have a favorite date? I know I can’t get too specific, but I’ll tell you this. You know, they don’t get – for the most part people don’t get wrapped up into anything, so yes, and that’s all I want to do. Lot of fun and a very, very good woman and yes, I think that’s about as specific as I can get, but yes, great, great girl. I wanted to ask you about the promotion of the show, the one clip of the woman slapping you, which plays over and over again. So, now I don’t know if it’s a trailer of what’s to come, because everyone calmed down a little bit. So I’m going to be anxiously watching or awaiting those episodes to see what really happened back at the house when I was gone.


Well, when we spoke back in 2007, you said and I quote, “I wouldn’t do this again, because I didn’t like being scrutinized.” So why did you choose this process again to fall in love, because like it didn’t go very well the first time. I am not a guy that runs around and tries to wind up with multiple women. Without really giving too much away, I was wondering if you could tell us anything about that and how you were feeling about that. Would I have – maybe I would have stuck around and at least given the relationship a chance instead of just walking away. Worth Star-Telegram David Martindale: So in the immediate aftermath of the first go around of the show, people were frosty to you, people were openly hostile to you. Is it barely possible that it affected your dating life afterward? She is very attached to them, both literally and figuratively. Anything else, please give me a call at 212-456-6749.

Brad Womack is a 46 years old Reality Star, who was born in November, in the Year of the Rat (1972) and is a Scorpio. Brad’s birthstone is Topaz and Citrine and birth flower is Chrysanthemum.

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I know this has been a very controversial choice, but I think you are going to enjoy this season.

And just a few housekeeping notes and that is that we have – for those of you who don’t know this, we have the premiere up on Medianet without the rose ceremony, but it’s posted for you to watch and we obviously appreciate you not giving away any key points on that. He wouldn’t be able to comment anyway about individual women. Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, if you would like to ask a question, please press star then the number one. So what were your initial concerns and why did you finally go though it at the first time around? I’ll tell you my initial concern is, believe it or not, I’m actually a really, really shy person, in fact painfully shy. Brad Womack: Well, I’ll tell you, I don’t know if it had anything to with me, but the women were very, very competitive. I mean there were some rose ceremonies, I’m sorry, cocktail parties before the rose ceremonies that were down right overwhelming as far as, you know, it’s inevitable that women try to steal you away and have private conversations.


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