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Combining an increasingly richer population (Baby Boomers are the wealthiest generation in world history), an aging population, and people's preference for warmer climates, the new "Sunbelt cities" are gaining population and influence as the northern cities are losing it. At the end of the day, Baltimore had a huge advantage because we were a little late to the game.As a result, the mistakes that were made in other cities (Boston and San Francisco being prime examples) were not repeated here.The FDR Drive have Major Interchanges crossing the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges which has not damage the Beauty of the East River Waterfront......... I somehow think you and I will disagree about the merits of its intended use, but the fact remains, that as it stands now, it really doesn't go anywhere (that's figurative language by the way.hat tip: right through the Pier Six Concert Pavilion, the Marriott Inner Harbor, and the new Legg Mason tower. It literally goes "somewhere" but because it is the result of a half baked idea and only goes a mile and a half or so, it does not go anywhere for most Baltimore drivers or connect anything in a meaningful or convenient way) or serve a purpose.



And as for expansion of DC's harbor, it will be a cold day in hell when it beats Baltimore's. Harbor Point will be built out in twenty years, and Westport should be pretty well along, too. She replied "No, closing permanently." Hopefully this is not the case.Since these highways disrupted the cohesiveness of these communities, many have become ghettos affecting by all of the common urban ills: drugs, violent crime, hopelessness, etc.


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