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"His parents had come home early, and he had to get me out of the shower and out the back door before his parents knew I was there." "One time in high school, I was over at my boyfriend's house and his parents were gone, so we decided to take a shower together.We were in the middle of sex when someone started calling his name.He tried to turn it on and it shocked the shit out of him and sparked.I was so scared, I immediately shut the water off and profusely apologized, even though it was nowhere near my fault.What kind of idiot would ruin an electric vibrator like that?


Plus, we forgot towels and I had to run back to my room dripping wet in a T-shirt. "Everything was great, until he threw up." "I'd paid for a night at a pretty nice hotel with my man since we were both living at home.

About two months into dating, we had shower sex for the first time.

Once we got naked and in the shower, there were a ton of girly things in his shower and he said he didn't have a roommate.

I happen to believe that all shower sex is pretty awkward, but some shower sex really takes the freaking cake.

spoke with 12 women to find out their most awkward shower sex experiences and the results were basically the best. "After conditioning his hair, he turns off the water, gets out, and asks if I want to go eat." "I had this guy who I'd been pretty good friends with for a while, and one night, while hanging out at his place, we randomly started hooking up."I also ended up banging my head on the shower wall and someone from outside the stall asked if I was OK." "I was in college and had just got back together with my on-again, off-again hookup and tried to switch things up and asked if he wanted to have shower sex.


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