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But I did go out with two Jewish 20-somethings the other night — at the same time.

Both women were spirited and energetic, wearing those little golden necklaces with their names on them: Marni and Nina.

They accomplish this unfathomable goal by hooking you up with your very own special helpers, Wing girls. Well being that they make a guy more desired, approachable, feel less threatened by and validate you to other women they are…pretty much every guys dream.

With locations in LA, Chicago, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and Raleigh it won’t be hard to get that girl you have been eyeing all night but won’t give you the time of day.



Marni, a psych major from Toronto, went to college in western Ontario. They found 75 responses waiting for them the next morning. “I met a lot of people, but I don’t need a fire wall between me and the person,” she told me. Before they find you somebody, the Wing Girls get to know you for 45 minutes. The Icebreaker’s angle contends that women are competitive and like what they can’t have, and what other women want. “I’d have a dinner or wine tasting at the house and just invite eligible men and women,” said Kristin, not her real Canadian name.

They call themselves “Wing Girls,” dating aides from a new start-up called Icebreaker Suddenly these two action females, ravaging the basic hunter-gatherer foundation of our existence, set out.


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