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We’ll start with the venom about which we know the most – that of bees.Unlike many other insect venoms, we have a relatively good idea of the percentage breakdown of the venom of your average bee.Researchers still don’t fully understand precisely how the detoxification occurs, but suggest it might be the result of the formic acid neutralising the enzymes that aid in fire ant venom’s potency.


As well as variations in percentages of the different components, they also contain the compound acetylcholine, not commonly found in bee venoms.These two warring species of ants both make use of their venoms in conflict, but the tawny crazy ant uses chemistry to gain a clear advantage.They combat the toxicity of fire ant venom by detoxifying it with their own, which is based on formic acid.A small amount of histamine is found in bee venom; histamine is one of the compounds released by the body during the allergic response, and can cause itchiness and inflammation.

The proteins in the sting can cause an allergic reaction, leading to the release of even more histamine, and possible anaphylaxis.

The range of compounds is far too vast to detail every single one – but we can examine some of the major constituents in bee, wasp, hornet and ant venom.



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